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Magic Fitâ„¢ - Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens and Whole Body Vibration.

There is an interesting, relatively new approach to exercising for all ages that involves whole body vibration (WBV), which is a mechanical stimulus characterized by motion delivered to the entire body (usually in a vertical manner by standing on a platform).

People dealing with heart conditions or hip,
knee, or other joint replacements, severe
diabetes and a number of other conditions
would be unable to use this strategy.
This approach to body conditioning obviously
needs the sanction of a physician.

Vibration training, when properly suited,
increases the production of regenerative and
repair hormones, improves blood circulation,
strengthens bone tissue, improves muscle response and range of motion and flexibility, and increases basal metabolic rate.

Many of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry feel that vibration training is going to change every thing we do in rehabilitation.